Online Technology Exchange Workshop

Innovative Refining & Petrochemicals

February 8, 2021



Speaker/Title of Presentation


Dr. Masato Morimoto, AIST

 “Modeling of Asphaltene Molecular Aggregation”


Dr. Hiroshi Shintaku, JPEC

 “RDS Catalyst Design Using Petroleomics Technology”


Dr. Mohammad Mozahar Hossain, KFUPM

“Kinetics of the Promotional Effects of Oil Soluble Dispersed Metal Catalysts on Slurry Phase Hydrocracking of VGO”


Dr. Toshiaki Taniike, JAIST

“Machine-learning-aided Structure Determination of Catalyst Nanostructures”


Dr. Ziyauddin Qureshi, KFUPM,  Dr. Yaming Jin, Saudi Aramco

“Aromatization of Light Naphtha over Metal-Modified ZSM-5 Catalysts”


 Dr. Atsushi Ishihara, Mie University

“Effects of a Matrix on Formation of Aromatic Compounds by Dehydrocyclization of n-Pentane Using ZnZSM-5–Al2O3 Composite Catalysts”


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