18th Annual Saudi-Japan Symposium

Catalysts in Petroleum Refining & Petrochemicals

KFUPM Research Institute Bldg. 15; 4PthP Floor, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, November 16-17, 2008


Day 1:  Sunday, November 16, 2008

Opening Remarks session  

               Chairman: Dr. Sulaiman Al-Khattaf

8:00   Registration & Coffee Break

8:30   Opening Remarks

·   H.E. Dr. Khaled S. Al-Sultan, Rector of KFUPM

·   Dr. Sachio Asaoka, Head Japanese Delegation, The Japan Petroleum Institute, JPI

·   Mr. Kazuhisa Okumura, Deputy General Manager, Technical Cooperation Dept.-JCCP

session 1.  HydroProcessing

            Chairman:  Dr. Atsushi Satsuma

9:00     1.   Keynote Paper: "Hydrocracking on Nanoporous Zeolite Catalysts"

                 Dr. Sachio Asaoka, University of Kitakyushu, Japan

9:30     2.   “HDS Screening Capabilities Using Avantium’s Parallel Fixed Bed Technology”,
Dr. Peter Mangnus
, Avantium Technologies, The Netherlands

10:00        Coffee Break

10:15   3.   “Development of HDS Catalyst Using Comparative Studies of Model Feed Experiments &
Quantum Chemical Studies”, Mr. Hiroyuki Nakamura, Japan Energy Corporation

10:45   4.   “Advances in Unicracking for Maximum Distillate Production”   
Suheil Abdo

11:15    5.  “Engineering Fixed Bed Hydrocarbon Conversion Reactors to Control Pressure Drop Increases”,
Dr. Ken J. Mills, Saint-Gobain NorPro, USA

11:45             Prayer & Lunch Break

session 2. FCC

          Chairman:  Dr. Adnan Al-Amer

13:00   6.     Keynote Paper: “Using Additives for Real Time FCC Catalyst Optimization            
Mr. Martin Evans

13:30   7.     More Propylene in FCC Unit”                                                                           
Dr. Rei Hamada
, JGC Catalysts & Chemicals Ltd.

14:00   8.     “Activity & Selectivity Factors that Limit Light Olefins Production: Some Proposed Solutions”,
Dr. Yiu Lau Lam
Petrobras, Brazil

14:30           Prayer & Coffee Break

session 3. H2 Production

          Chairman:  Dr. Sai Katikaneni

14:45   9.     Anti-coking attributes of Ce-promoted Co-Ni/Al2O3 catalyst during propane dry reforming",
Dr. Adesoji A. Adesina,
University of New South Wales, Australia

15:15 10.   “Development of Themoneutral Reforming Catalyst for Hydrogen Production from
Liquid Hydrocarbons”,
Dr. Shakeel Ahmed, KFUPM, Dhahran

15:45 11.   Forced Composition Cycling of Propane Steam Reforming Using CO2 as Carbon
Gasifying Agent"
, Dr. Adesoji A. Adesina, University of New South Wales, Australia

16:15          Day One Ends                                             



Day 2: Monday, November 17, 2008

Session 4. aROMATICS/alkylation

                Chairman:  Dr. Takao Masuda

8:45          Registration & Coffee Break

9:00   12.    Keynote Paper: Novel Zeolites in Transformation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons”

                  Dr. Jiri Čejka, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic

9:30  13.    "Enhancement of Conversion & Selectivity by Unsteady-state Operation in Shape-Selective
Synthesis of 2,6-Dimethylnaphthalene with ZSM-5", Dr. Toshio Tsutsui, Kagoshima University

10:00          Coffee Break

Session 5. Chemical synthesis

                   Chairman:  Dr. Cemal Ercan

10:15  14.   Keynote Paper: Three Dimensional Cage Type Mesoporous Catalysts for Acylation &
, Dr. Ajayan Vinu, National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan

10:45 15.     "Development of New Isomerization Process for Petrochemical By-products"

                   Mr. K. Watanabe, Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd, Japan

11:15 16.     "Preparation of Mono-dispersed MFI-type Zeolite Nanocrystals in Water-surfactant-oil
Solution & their Application to Synthesis of Olefins from Oxygen-containing Compounds",
. Takao Masuda, Hokkaido University, Japan

11:45          Prayer & Lunch Break

session 6.  Polymerization

                         Chairman: Dr. Jiri Čejka

13:00  17.    Keynote Paper: "Development of Propylene Polymerization Catalysts & PP
Manufacturing Processes", Dr. Akinobu Shiga, LUMMOX Research Lab, Japan

13:30  18.    “Albemarle's Role in Polyolefin Catalysts”, Dr. Jiang Bian, Albemarle, Netherlands

14:00 19.   "Synthesis of Bisphenol-A from Phenol & Acetone using Organic-Inorganic Modified
Heteropolyacid Catalyst"
, Dr. Atsushi Satsuma, Nagoya University; Japan

14:30  20.    Synthesis of Stable PMMA against Irradiation & Thermal Degradation Using Cobalt
Tetraphenyl Porphyrin Catalyst
, Dr. Hany Abdel Dayem, KFU, Al-Hofuf

15:00                    Closing Remarks, Symposium Ends

Each presentation includes 5-minutes Q&A                                                                                    Program November 12, 2008