17th Annual Saudi Arabia-Japan Symposium

Catalysts in Petroleum Refining & Petrochemicals

Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum - JCCP

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals - KFUPM

The Japan Petroleum Institute - JPI


session 1. catalysts & Clean Fuels

Chairman: Dr. Adnan Al-Amer

1. Keynote Paper 1: Commercial Experience in Reactor Scale-up & Design: Process Improvement & Alternative Reactor Development from Fundamentals

Dr. Cemal Ercan, Saudi Aramco-R&DC

2. Development of Chloride Traps Containing Zinc Oxide for CCR Type Catalytic Reforming Process

Dr. Takayuki Ninomiya, Japan Energy Corporation

3. From Advanced Zeolite Characterization to Catalyst Manufacturing

Dr. Laszlo Domokos, Shell Global Solutions, The Netherlands

4. New Butene Dimerization Technology

Mr. Nobuhiro Kimura, Nippon Oil Co.

5.                      Development of Non-platinum Cathode-Catalysts for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells

Dr. Yoshio Takasu, Shinshu University, Japan


session 2. HDS/FCC product upgrade

Chairman: Dr. Omer Refa Koseoglu

6. Keynote Paper 2: New Hydrodesulfurization (HDS) Catalysts

Dr. Lachezar Petrov, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah

7. HDT Catalysts Engineered at the Molecular Level through Support Functionalization

Dr. Slavik Kasztelan, IFP, France

8. Catalysts for Ultra Deep HDS and/or Aromatics Saturation of Middle Distillates

Dr. Yuji Yoshimura, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology

9. FCC Gasoline Sulfur Reduction Using Catalyst Additives-Mechanisms & Experiences

Mr. Martin Evans, INTERCAT Inc., NJ, USA

10.             At the Interface between Refining & Petrochemicals: A Fundamentals-Based Approach LCO Upgrading;

Dr. Suheil Abdo, UOP, IL, USA


Session 3. Catalysis/petrochemicals

Chairman: Dr. Yoshio Takasu

11. From Surface Elementary Steps Involved in CO/O2 Reaction on Pt/Al2O3 Catalyst to Modeling of Light-off Tests in Excess CO

Dr. Abdennour Bourane, Saudi Aramco

12. Keynote Paper 3: Mechanisms & Active Sites for Vapor-Phase Oxidation of Ethylene to Acetic Acid over Pd-H4SiW12O40/SiO2

Dr. Hideshi Hattori, JCCP/KFUPM-RI

13. Phase Composition & Catalytic Reactivity of NiMoO4 Reduced with Hydride Anion

Dr. Hany Abdel Dayem, King Faisal University, Al-Hofuf

14. Recent Topics on Catalyst Research at Mitsubishi Chemical

Dr. Tohru Setoyama, Mitsubishi Chemical Group

15.             Green Synthesis of Petrochemicals Using Zeolite Catalysts

Dr. Takashi Tatsumi, Tokyo Institute of Technology


session 4. Aromatics Reactions

Chairman: Dr. Takashi Tatsumi

16. Keynote Paper 4: High Performance of Fe-K Oxide Catalysts for Dehydrogenation of Ethylbenzene to Styrene with an Aid of ppm-order Pd

Dr. Eiichi Kikuchi, Waseda University

17. Development of Nanoporous Structured Catalysts for Xylenes Production

Dr. M. Ashraf Ali, KFUPM-RI

18. Unique Catalytic Activity of Mesoporous Catalysts in Friedel-Crafts Benzylation of Benzene

Dr. Ahmed Arafat, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah

19.             Effective & Selective Heterogeneous Catalysts for the Benzylation of Some Aromatics

Dr. Farook Adam, Universiti Sains Malaysia



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